Let me tell you about WMoption by Sylvester Francis

Let me tell you about WMoption by Sylvester Francis

Of all the brokerages out there, WMoption has to rank among the top when it comes to return rates and professionalism.

On the other hand, we have their less illustrious areas such as asset selection, bonus policy or lack of colorful interface.


WMoption Background

Having successfully completed its first year of business, it seems there is far less room for doubt when it comes to this brokerage. So far, they seem well on their way towards building an entire brand around their name, as well as their attitude towards their clients, which is nothing short of outstanding. With additional features such as advanced charting and live webinars being introduced all the time, it stands to reason why this brokerage would get the kind of attention it has been getting for the last year. Just look at (link to #7)


WMOption Monetary Policy

WMoption features a minimum deposit, bonus policy as well as a certain trading volume that must be met before all withdrawals are to become available. $250 will get you in, but you might want to consider upgrading to a higher tier account.


The Rookie account makes you eligible for a 30% bonus, but the Gold account will net you 100%. VIPs get special treatment so they can negotiate even better bonus deals. However, all this might come back to haunt them later on.


The reason is simple: before any withdrawals can be made, a trader needs to reach the trading volume that is thirty times the bonus sum they were awarded. In other words, those with significant bonuses will find themselves waiting for longer periods of time before they get to collect their spoils. Still, this is all to be expected in this line of work.




As for money transfer, it is done via credit cards, wire transfer or e-wallets. They take Visa and Master Cards, but withdrawals have to be made using the same card as deposits. Wire transfer involves a $25 fee, and not all e-wallets are currently accepted – not that it matters, as most people use Neteller anyways.

Other than that, once you have qualified for withdrawals, you can withdraw any sum from your account (provided there is enough money, of course) and there are no hidden fees, at least on WMoption’s behalf. oh, and just one more thing: it takes between 7 and 10 business days on average to process certain transactions, such as withdrawals – deposits are much quicker, though.

WMoption Trading

The login process is relatively straightforward, and once you are in, you can switch between several languages – English, French, Arabic or German, as speakers of those languages comprise the bulk of WMoption’s clients. Their trading platform is hailed for its simplicity and reliability.


Now, as for their Binary Options, feelings are a bit mixed. On the one hand, the selection of assets is a bit restricted compared to other brokerages, but on the plus side this means less things to stay appraised of and more returns for everybody (mostly for the winners, though). Winning trades get up to 85% on their return rates, making this one of the most generous brokerages around. Even out of the money binary options feature a 10% refund, which is awfully nice of them.


The selection of assets is impeccable, as all the most popular currencies, stocks, indices and commodities are present and accounted for, and included into several types of binaries, including Touch/No Touch and Ladder binaries. Even their expiry times are adjustable, ranging from a single minute to several months.


To Conclude


WMoption may not be a perfect broker in any way, but it is perfect for a lot of traders out there regardless. With their returns and honest dealings, they have taken the financial world by storm, and it looks like they are here to stay.



WMoption is that new brokerage that everybody is talking about. Let’s see what’s so good about them.


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