I want to tell you something about WMoption by Hisham Ahmad

I want to tell you something about WMoption by Hisham Ahmad

I have seen my fair share of brokerages in my days, but few come even close to WMoption.

Even though they are far from perfect, these guys left quite an impression on me, so I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you.


Without Further Ado…

The WMoption story starts in 2015, so not too long ago. What they had in mind back then has not changed: to be the best binary options broker in the world and to help their clients make their dreams a reality. But enough of this mushy stuff. These guys are well-regulated and have already made a name for themselves as a reliable and honest broker. Still not convinced? Check this out (link to text 15).


WMoption Additional Features

Some people like to eat their cake starting from the cherry and going down, and I guess I’m that sort of a guy. That is why we are going to start with additional features that WMoption has to offer. For starters, there are plenty of live webinars and candlestick charts that should make your life a lot easier, provided you know what you are doing.


Otherwise, they have a nice little bonus scheme going on, depending on what kind of account you have selected. If you went for the Rookie Account, the best you can hope for is a 30% bonus, but if you were man enough to go straight to the VIP section… Then you get to sit at a big boys’ table and negotiate your own deal.


Keep in mind though, this is not all sunshine and flowers. For starters, you need to work your way through your bonus before you are allowed to collect anything. This means you have to trade thirty times what you received in bonus money before reaching out for the cookie jar.


Or if you are impatient, just forego the whole bonus thing and start withdrawing from day one. Well, day 10 technically. It takes between 8 and 10 business days to process the transaction and deliver on it, especially if you couldn’t be bothered to pay more than mandatory $250.


Otherwise, money transfer works the same both ways. You withdraw money to your credit card, one of those fancy e-wallets or just pay extra $25 and wire the damn thing directly to yourself.





Unless you are some kind of a multilingual type, you might want to stick to English as a language selection. Or heck, try out some German or French – even Arabic if you’re feeling lucky. They have some fine live support and lots of fine assets on offer. Mostly the stuff you’ve heard of, like major currency pair or commodities and such.


These are distributed among several types of binary options whose returns go as high as 85% on a normal day. And if you got up on the wrong foot, just take a 10% refund on your bad deals and go home. Live to trade another day.



For all their hype, WMoption are not half bad when it comes to binary options brokerages. In fact, they are as good as things get in this day and age. I think I’ll give it a go the first chance I get, and you should do the same.

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