WMoption is For Beginners… by Wilkie Wallis

WMoption is For Beginners… by Wilkie Wallis

For all those out there who are new to this WMoption broker, we have prepared this short review of their features and downsides.

While you are very much encouraged to ask around yourself, this review will certainly shed some light on this brokerage and help you decide whether to sign up or not.


So, Do I Sign Up?

That depends. Keep in mind that this is a relatively new broker. They only started this in mid 2015, so it remains to be seen how favorable their business will remain. However, so far there have been no reasons to doubt their capabilities or their dedication to their clients. The amount of regulation and respect they have accumulated thus far really does them credit – but this review might (link to # 12)


Are There Any Bonuses?

Why, yes there are. In order to make themselves more appealing, WMoption accounts feature a generous bonus scheme starting from 30% at the bottom tier and is practically limitless at the VIP level – but you’ll have to take that up with the management. Keep in mind, though, that before you take off with that ‘free’ money you will have to earn it: by trading thirty times that amount before you qualify for withdrawals. Not to your liking? Then don’t accept any bonuses and you can withdraw from the start. Easy as pie.


Speaking of Withdrawal…

Withdrawals take up to 3 business days for WMoption to process and send the money, and the rest is up to the banks or other services. Usually, it arrives within 10 business days or less. Minimum deposit is $250 and there is no minimum for withdrawal. Funding and withdrawing are done via credit cards, wire transfer, e-wallets etc. Finally, WMoption does not charge additional fees or commissions of any kind.


WMoption in Numbers

Practicality 9/10

Their user interface as well as number of languages are what you would expect from an average brokerage, but considering this one has been doing business for roughly a year, it is truly astounding. To be able to organize and maintain such a well-oiled trading machinery is nothing short of amazing. Customer support is available at any given moment as long as the markets are open, and you can speak to them in English, French, German or Arabic.


Binaries 8/10

The assets get a bit repetitive, since there are only so many to go around – although to be fair, the large number of binaries at your disposal in combination with versatile expiry dates and large returns compensate for this quite a lot.


The average return rates are above 70% and represent the most outstanding feature of the brokerage in question. Other than that, any poor investments are alleviated by returning 10% of the initial investment back to the unlucky investor.


Other features include advanced candlestick charts, live webinars and market updates on a regular basis. Overall, the offer is incredible for such a young brokerage and we believe things will only get better from there on out.


To Conclude:


WMoption is one of those brokerages that almost seem too good to be true, but then you turn out to be wrong and make you feel like a complete dummy. A broker that has only been operating for over a year should not be this good, and yet they are. And they are the real deal.

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