WMoption: Some Facts by Kristīne Ozolinsh

WMoption: Some Facts by Kristīne Ozolinsh

Usually, when people hear about a brokerage such as WMoption

and its steady return rates that reach between 70% – 85% they think it is too good to be true. And usually they are right. However, this is not one of those times.


Why WMoption and not some other brokerage?

Granted, these guys haven’t been around for as long as some brokers, but considering all the success they have achieved in such a short period of time, the logical conclusion would be that there must be a secret to their success. I am not alone in this opinion, just look at (link to #9). From what I could gather, the secret to their success is their dedication to their clients as well as the fact they specialize in a very narrow field that happens to be extremely lucrative as well.


WMoption Money Transfer

They feature a $250 minimum deposit that can be made using credit cards, e-wallets or ever wire transfer. Of course, depositing funds to your account is a lot quicker and easier than withdrawal, but you have regulators and banks to thank for that.


The actual withdrawal is free of hidden fees and commissions, at least as far as WMoption goes (local charges may still apply). However, the entire transaction has to be processed in a thorough fashion, so it may take upwards of 8-10 business days before you see any money from your account.


The added safety as well as active bonus policy contribute a great deal to this conundrum. The bonus itself can be more than 100% in some cases, but most people choose the 30% variety for two reasons. One is that this is associated with the Rookie account, which is also the most common variety. The other has to do with money withdrawal. You have to trade 30 times your bonus in order to qualify for withdrawal – for instance, if your bonus is $100, then you would have to trade $3,000 worth of binary options before you can withdraw your funds. Alternatively, if your bonus was $0, then you are eligible for withdrawal from the start.


WMoption Platform


Their platform features a variety of different languages that are also featured in their live support. Every precaution has been taken to ensure a safe, pleasant and above else lucrative trading experience for all involved parties.


They feature several different types of binary options including the local variety of One Touch and Ladder options, and the number of assets available for trading is truly impressive, albeit a bit too exclusive for some people. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of quality currencies, commodities, stocks and indices to trade on, as well as versatile expiry times that can be set to all the standard targets, depending on the type of binary option that is being traded on.


As stated previously, their 70% – 85% return rates are among the highest in the industry, plus a 10% refund on binary options that expired out of the money. If you add all the perks from their account types and extra features such as candlestick charts, market updates and live webinars, it is clear that we have a winner in our midst.



It hardly takes a genius to figure out that WMoption is here to stay. For their short time on the market, they have already managed to push back their competition, and their aggressive growth will ensure clients that their money is in safe hands.

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