Is WMOption a Good Brokerage? by Elroy Waller

Is WMOption a Good Brokerage? by Elroy Waller

In a nutshell, YES. WMoption is an excellent brokerage!

These chaps may be a bit rough around the edges, but what they lack in flamboyancy they more than make up in good old-fashioned profit. Overall, their business is certainly above the expectations in this line of work.

A Word on WMOption

They may have been founded last year, but let’s try not to hold that against them, shall we? With all their effort to look after our best interests, it seems it is only fitting that we give them a bit of breathing room in return. They are fully regulated and their dedication to good quality service has not gone unnoticed. This brokerage has yet to write its own history, so let’s help them get there, and earn some returns – in return.


WMOption Bonus and Withdrawal Policy

It is all well and good, but once the profit has been made, how would one make a withdrawal? Oddly enough, it is related to the amount of bonus money one has received upon joining the WMOption family. The Rookie Account holders can enjoy a 30% bonus while others have 100% or even more. However, before they can make any withdrawals, they will have to qualify by achieving a certain trading volume. It must be no less than thirty times the bonus amount they were awarded upon signing up, so the lesser the WMOption bonus they received, the sooner can they qualify for withdrawals.


Once qualified, however, a client would have to be patient for up to 8 business days for his or her withdrawals to materialize. Funds can be withdrawn to various credit cards, e-wallets or can be wired directly via a suitable service. The withdrawals can be made even in minute amounts and there are no hidden fees involved. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself (link to text #4).


WMOption Review

Level of Service: 18/20

The language selection is a bit scarce, with German, Arabic and French being the only languages available, apart from the English, of course. Their trading platform is easy to use but difficult to master, and their live support is on par with the rest of the industry.

Available Assets and Expiry Times 16/20

While the sheer selection of assets on offer leaves much to be desired, the fact that they have been strategically selected and spread across a multitude of Binary Options – including Touch/No Touch and Ladder options – greatly compensates for this flaw. The expiry times can be set to one of standard varieties, such as 60 seconds, two minutes, several hours or even months.


Commissions, Payment and Withdrawal 18/20

While there are no hidden commissions, some services such as wire transfer can and do involve a fee of sorts, but the overall return rates of 70% – 85% are more than enough to ensure there is plenty of money to go around. And even if you’ve made a bad trading decision, this brokerage will allow you to recoup a tenth of your losses and try another time at your convenience.


The minimum deposit one can make is $250 and the means of payment are identical to those of money withdrawal: credit cards, e-wallets and wire transfer. It can take 8 business days on average for withdrawals to materialize and that is only after the mandatory trade volume has been reached. While most unfortunate, it is well within the bounds of this industry, so it cannot be helped.


Additional Features 17/20

Additional features involve advanced Candlestick charts, Ladder-style Binary Options, weekly market updates and a wide variety of live webinars. All in all, a decent number of useful features.



It is hard to summarize WMoption in a nutshell, without leaving something important out – and that alone says something about a brokerage in my humble opinion. You can mock their lack of experience or their drive for maximum returns, but you should never, ever, underestimate them. It will be to your peril.


What is it about this new brokerage called WMoption? Who are they and where did they come from? Join me in finding out.

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