WMoption review by Frank Nye

WMoption review by Frank Nye

A relative newcomer to the Binary Options family, WMoption has already achieved quite a feat.

After all, opening a business and trying to compete on equal footing against giants who have billions of dollars in capitalization, decades of experience and refuse to limit themselves on binary options alone is truly a feat. However, even though their offer consists mostly of binary options, this also means WMoption can focus its operations on a very narrow and highly lucrative industry branch. Besides, as they keep growing, their offer will certainly expand and incorporate other fields as well. For now, let us focus on binary options and WMoption in particular.

Why do we approve of WMoption?

Seriously? As if there weren’t plenty of brokers out there who think they can do whatever they please just because they are large and powerful? Or scams who take your money and you never hear from them again? Who do nothing but downgrade and sabotage your efforts to get ahead in this business? Don’t you want things to change? Well, so do we. But if large, old brokers are the only ones around, things will never change. The only way to make sure no fraud will remain is to make sure there are enough legitimate brokers to satisfy the demand, even the average-sized ones. In a situation as dire as this, every single legitimate broker should be recognized and hailed as a savior in these troubling times. WMoption chose to be a part of the solution, and this alone makes them more than worthy of our praise.

But wait, there is more. Their Spot option platform is incredibly straightforward and user-friendly. If you are looking for a broker that is the exact opposite of all those large, regulated, uptight brokers out there, the only alternative were the frauds – until now. Here you have a reliable, EU-based binary options broker that even a complete newbie can quickly adapt to; and if you already have some experience, you’ll fit right in. In any case, WMoption won’t let you down, and neither will we. You can look forward to a comprehensive guide on how to trade binary options with WMoption where all the aspects of binary options trading will be discussed in more detail. Luckily, you probably won’t even need it; the way their platform works is you choose the asset, expiry date, size and the outcome and let things develop from there.

Overall, with WMoption the level of service will be on par with most of the larger, older brokers except with far less hassle and you’ll be making a lot more money. But before you go through with that, make sure you read the review and get some practice on the demo account, just in case. Have fun and stay safe!

Unfortunately, WMoption does not support US-based brokers at this time.

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  • John Heart says:

    I never understood why most Binary option brokers don’t work with US traders, It could really pump up their business…

    • Admin says:

      Hello John, That’s a good question
      The reason most brokers don’t have US traders is because its hard to be approved as a Binary option broker to operate in the US

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