Why Is WMoption the Right Broker by Helena Van Oirschotten

Why Is WMoption the Right Broker by Helena Van Oirschotten

As odd as this question may seem, it is a perfectly legitimate one, even if the broker in question is WMoption.

Binary options trading is a serious and risky business, and very few brokerages have the means and the patience to fit everything into a perfect trading machine. WMoption is what you get by taking one such brokerage and adding superb return rates and a can-do attitude.


Is WMoption Legit?

Considering this is a relatively young brokerage, such concerns are not without merit. However, WMoption has done everything in their power to dissuade such claims by complying with several regulatory bodies within the EU and outside of it. Other than that, their track record is truly impeccable and utterly beyond reproach. Let’s hope it stays that way.


WMOption Platform

The way WMoption platform works is that it does not rely on flashy colors to draw clients and appeal to their inner child. Rather, they aim at the rational adult within us, one that appreciates the no-nonsense, standardized approach in several languages including English, German and Arabic.


The asset selection is quite… exclusive. To put it mildly. In terms of sheer number of assets available, WMoption does not rank very high on my list. This is not much of a problem, however, as all the major stocks, commodities, currencies etc. have already made it onto their list. In fact, you can find them in almost all the categories of binary options available, so there are literally hundreds of possible combinations at play, only with fewer things to keep tabs on and higher returns.


Speaking of which, the returns are one of the best things about this brokerage. You can get up to 85% on top of your investment in as early as sixty seconds, or you can play it safe and set the expiry time to the end of the year or something like that. And even if you are wrong, do not despair. WMoption will graciously refund 10% of your investment back, which is a lot more than most brokers would do in their shoes.


Monetary Transactions

The minimum deposit is $250. Funding your account is as simple and secure as it gets. They accept payments from Visa and Master cards, Neteller and other e-wallets and even wire transfer. There are no major fees involved other than the ones charged by your banks or other type of service you have selected.


Deposits are made much faster than withdrawals, though. Thanks to the regulation and so-called expediency of banks and such, it can take up to 10 business days before you can see your hard-earned money. Don’t hold this against WMoption, however. They generally do their part within three business days, while other services tend to stall on their end.


WMoption Bonus Features


Of all the non-standard features, we should probably point out the advanced charting feature as well as weekly market updates. These and the various webinars comprise the crux of WMoption’s educational package. Also, there is a generous bonus policy, ranging from 30% to 100% and even more, depending on the type of account selected. Of course, this all plays out when it comes to withdrawal, as a certain trade volume must be reached beforehand, but other than that, things are pretty straightforward.


Final Word


WMoption is one of those brokerages that simply make you feel safe and secure about your funds. Whether it is their impeccable track record, their attitude towards their clients or something else, it is hard to say, even for reviewers such as this (link to #10). And frankly, it does not even matter.

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