WMoption: The Truth by Tottie Haroldson

WMoption: The Truth by Tottie Haroldson

In all my days, I have yet to see a brokerage that has climbed the ranks with the same speed and tenacity as WMoption.

Sure, they have some flaws as well, but these are hardly enough to make them stand out from the crowd, at least not in a negative way. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to mention them as well, just the same.


On WMoption

Like I said, these guys may be new but they are no spring chicken in this business. WMoption employs only the finest experts in modern finances and cyber safety, or so I’ve been told. In any case, they have built quite a name for themselves and as a result, there has been a large number of reviews (case in point, link to text #1) and so I’ve decided to get to the bottom of this and see what the fuss was about. So, was it about the advanced charting, live webinars or generous bonus scheme? No, things are much more complicated than that.


WMOption Money

Let’s start off by getting the obvious out of the way: you have to spend money to make money, and in this case the minimum is $250 so everyone has to put up or shut up. Of course, there are higher tier accounts, but I was not ready to commit that much cash for a simple review.


What I saw, however, was that the basic account can get you a 30% bonus, whereas the sky was the limit for the highest tier available. Still, this does not mean you should start running wild. It turns out, if you took any of this bonus cash, you have to trade a certain amount before you can start withdrawing in order for WMoption to protect themselves from unsavory characters. Otherwise, there would be nothing stopping you from taking the money and leaving.


If you have declined the ‘free’ cash, or worked your way up, you can withdraw your money on the same credit card or e-wallet you used to deposit it in the first place. Or you could have it wired, but I have no idea why a sane person would agree to the wire transfer fees – especially when there are cheaper methods available.


And another thing: it takes roughly 8 business days on average before the transaction is carried out in full.


WMoption Trading Facts

After you get through the login process, there are several language options that almost nobody bothers with – still, it’s nice to know they are there, just in case you suddenly start speaking German or something. Even if you flip it on by accident, their platform is so simple that it would probably not affect your trading that much. Just goes to show how good binary option trading transcends any language barrier.


You know what else transcends language barriers? Money. Specifically, 85% return rates on some binaries are enough for some people to learn English just for the hell of it. Or comfort themselves with 10% of their failed investment back and blame it on the cultural differences.


The assets available are top-notch, and spread across several categories including their own version of the One Touch as well as Ladder binaries.


Final Word


I sought out to separate the truth on WMoption from all the BS that is going around. I think I’ve done a good job, all things considered. If you disagree, feel free to do your own legwork and correct me. Until then, peace out!

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