Is WMoption Worth The Time by Craig Riley

Is WMoption Worth The Time by Craig Riley

This may be a more difficult question than you think, considering all the attributes of WMoption and the fact that they haven’t been around long enough to make a serious impact.

Why do People Sign Up with WMoption?

Well, they certainly aren’t drawn by their longevity, considering this brokerage has only been open for less than one year. However, in this relatively short period of time, they have managed to draw a lot of clients away from other, more established brokerages. The reason? They offer better returns and the risk is virtually the same, or less. And their platform is sweet, too (link to #13).


What About Money Transfers?

Ah, the mother of all questions pertaining to binary options brokers. Will my funds be secure all the time and will I ever see my money should I invest it properly. So far, the answer has always been affirmative with WMoptions, although there have been some complaints that need to be addressed.


As you may know, they feature a $250 minimum deposit and a number of account types, complete with their own features and bonus schemes. Regardless of the account you choose, you can deposit your money via your credit card, e-wallet or just wire it. The withdrawals work the same way, but there lies the problem.


Some people assume they can simply go for the 30% – 100% bonus and collect the money immediately. BO trading does not work that way. First of all, no broker is going to allow you to withdraw bonus money without reaching a certain trade volume. And even after you do reach it, it still takes a few days to process the transaction. Naturally, VIPs get the preferential treatment and all, while other mortals have to wait for up to 10 business days. But this applies to the entire industry.


How Do I Rate WMoptions? Overall: 7/10

Trading 3/5

Nobody expects a young brokerage to rock that much of a language selection, but the way WMoption managed to combine it with their platform into a trading marvel is hard to put in words. In English, French, German or Arabic – But you can always ask customer support to help you out.

One thing that I particularly liked is the fact that they have geared up toward one thing, and that is maximum returns possible. This meant taking a risk on a reduced number of assets and spreading them across as many binaries as they could possibly support. And it paid off.


Returns vs. fees 4/5

Of all the money transfer methods, wire transfer has always been the least economical one, and even now it features a $25 fee. The rest are free of hidden fees and commissions and as there is no minimum amount for withdrawal, this is a pretty good sign in my mind.


On the other hand, the returns are between 70% and 85% which is impressive for a new brokerage, but this is only because they have put everything into making their brokerage the most lucrative and efficient on the entire market.



After all is said and done, it looks like people over at WMoption have taken a dangerous gamble and it continues to pay off to this day. Against all odds, they have survived in this tough industry and it seems they are well-suited to doing business in the modern financial markets.

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